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One of the Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai for Pregnancy | Types of Delivery

In case of pregnancy, it is imperative to have a gynaecologist-obstetrician to provide you with medical support and mental coaching throughout the process. Moreover, if you are planning on conceiving a child, consulting with a doctor on a regular basis might smoothen up the process of conception and help you take the necessary steps to ensure that you and your baby will have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Sometimes potential mothers are diagnosed with diseases like PCOS, anaemia, diabetes, hypertension and so on. For these cases extra safety measures are required to be taken by the family in terms of reducing symptoms, consuming proper diet and leading an overall stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

While, extra cautiousness can be adopted to make sure the pregnancy is not high risk or complicated, the beginning or the nature of labour is always an unpredictable area that even doctors sometimes cannot pin point. Different methods to deliver the baby are used considering the situation in pregnancy or at the time of labour. Sometimes babies are born before their due dates and these cases are called preterm deliveries. Preterm deliveries occur due to many reasons , weakness of the cervix or mouth of the womb, twin pregnancies, large for size baby or sometimes in cases of obese or overweight mothers. Post term pregnancy is a rare case but occurs when labour does not spontaneously start in the pregnant woman even after a complete 42 weeks of gestation period. If labour does not start for a longer period, then the placenta might not be able to sustain the nutritional necessities of the growing baby, leading to complications. Labour may start spontaneously or may be induced with medicines due to some medical problems in mother or higher risk in baby.

There are procedures that are followed along with normal delivery and are called assisted delivery methods. These are required in case any complication arises during the delivery or simply to avoid any potential risk. The most common procedure that is done in almost all normal deliveries, especially if it’s the first pregnancy and delivery, is an episiotomy. An episiotomy is an incision or cut that is made along the vagina or specifically in the perineum to ensure that the baby has enough space to come out of the mother’s body safely. The cut of the episiotomy is later stitched by doctors after the delivery. There are other assisted delivery methods like forceps delivery or vacuum delivery- all of which are performed in cases when the last phase of the delivery is prolonged or difficult .

A C-section or Caesarean section is performed by making an incision on the lower abdomen and on the uterus. Nowdays, this usually a bikini cut and is under the panty line so not visible later on. A C-section is performed for various reasons especially if after regular check-ups it becomes evident that baby’s head is too large to safely deliver by normal delivery method or the baby is in an abnormal position in the womb. Other reasons include a history of c-section delivery in the past , or even multiple pregnancies. Medical problems such as high blood pressure in pregnancy, of sub optimal growth of baby may also necessitate a caesarean section.

However, the processes as daunting as they might sound are nothing to be scared of. With proper care and good facilities, monitoring the labour process and pain relief measures, pregnancy and deliveries are becoming smoother and easier. Consulting doctors ,doing check ups and tests on a regular basis, following medication and diets for the health of the baby and the mother are the most important aspects of pregnancy. As far as deliveries are concerned, experienced doctors make use of the best facilties available to them to make sure that your birthing experience is one that is fulfilling and less painful.

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